ClientEDA step by step

1. Install and Configure ClientEDA.

ClientEDA does not require any installation. The executable can run from any location on your computer. It wil create a subdirectory called "Data". which is used to store all received data from the equipment.

ClientEDA does not require any webserver like IIS or Apache, it listens for HTTP data on +/EDA on port 50100.
When you start ClientEDA with administrator rights, the http listener will automatically be enabled on the correct path.

When you do not have administrator right, let your IT department add the URL to your system.
For windows 7 in a cmd shell type:
netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:50100/EDA/
Check with command: netsh http show urlacl

2. Establish connection

1: Start ClientEDA and check in the logscreen that the HTTP listener has started.

2: Select (not edit) the Client Server Endpoint to be used by the equipment for the heartbeat and the collected data.

3: Enter the Equipment IP address

4: Supply a client id name (see the equipment manual for the security admin id which can be used for managing privileges and roles).

5: Enter the equipment name (see your equipment manual) 

6: Click "EstablishSession" to start the connection


3. Create a data collection plan

After establising connection, use tab E134 to handle the datacollectionplans.
You can activate your plans that were created by this ClientID, or create a new DCP by clicking the button "DefinePlan...".
This will open an new dialogue window, which will collect the EquipmentNodeDescription to allow interactive selection of events and data.

Use the button "GetDefinedPlans" to get a list of all DCP available for this ClientID. Select your PlanID from the list and hit button "Activate Plan" to activate the equipment to use this DCP.

4. Process the collected data

A seperate thread within ClienEDA will collect the NewData messages from the equipment and store them as xml files. 

ClientEda will combine the information of the data collection plan with the NewData message, to create an annotated xml file, called *_converted.xml.
Also a comma seperated annotated file is created with filetype csv.
So for each NewData message you will get 3 files:


ClientEDA Freeze 1105 and 0710 available


Here you can find more info on EDA.

Metadata Conformance Analyzer (MCA)
Tool that will import and evaluate equipment-provided self-description data (metadata) for conformance to applicable SEMI requirements and ISMI guidelines.

XML Schema Files
Schema and WSDL Files for EDA by SEMI.

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